👉 Coyote is hopelessly in love with woman who saved him 2021

Dakota is about to offer you a different perspective on coyotes. Dakota spent a lot of time in captivity before being rescued by SaveAFox Rescue. You were making all sorts of noises at the full moon last night. The group’s founder, Mikayla Raines, tried to get Dakota placed with other coyotes but the other rescue organizations recommended against that since Dakota had not been with other coyotes before.

So, he became a resident of SaveAFox. While he prefers to be alone and doesn’t engage with most people, his interactions with Mikayla are extraordinary. He’s just excited and whimpery when he sees me because he thinks I’m like his mate. Watching him with Mikayla really shows the emotional side that most people are not familiar with when it comes to coyotes. These days, Dakota enjoys pool days. He gets plenty of toys. And don’t even get him started on cuddling.

Then there’s this. This is how he wanted to live.

It’s hard to imagine Dakota finding a better home.

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