๐Ÿ‘‰ Full body yoga challenge for weight loss | Simple yoga for weight loss in tamil | #THAMIZHPENN 2021

Hi friends,
In today’s video on Full body yoga challenge for weight loss | Simple yoga for weight loss in tamil | #THAMIZHPENN, I share a total body yoga that I do based on Baba Ramdev’s yoga series. Check the video if you want to join the challenge.

1. Thriyakthataasan 2:30
2. Thrikonaasan 4:42
3. Konaasan 6:48
4. Paadhahasthaasan 8:00
5. Sakkiaasan 10:30
6. Stithakonaasan 14:00
7. Pakshimothaasan 15:20
8. Bujangaasan 18:40
9. Salabaasan (1) 22:18
Salabaasan (2) 23:44
10. Arthahaalaasan (1) 25:30
Arthahaalaasan (2) 26:59
11. Paadhavritaasan(1) 31:00
Paadhavritaasan(2) 33:26
12. Thuvi chakriga aasan 36:50

Cool down and stretch 37:50
Link to join the facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/218567185928294/

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