👉 How to do a mini cut for fat loss aka MY SUMMER SHREDDING 2021

How to do a Mini cut for fat loss
Summer Shredding for Fat Loss and Leaning Out!
Hey babes! I’m BACK!!!!

Read full blog post to follow my method and step-by-step directions: http://www.samanthakozuch.com/2018/01/30/summer-shredding-how-to-do-a-mini-cut-for-fat-loss

So it’s that time of year, the end of January where here on the west coast we’re not only out of the holiday “bulking because of holidays phase” but also already hitting 80 degree days! Over the holidays I enjoyed myself. I didn’t let my body get out of control with fat gain, but i didn’t track calories (not my day-to-day style anyways) and i definitely gained fat with the goal that the extra excess of calories would help me power through heavy training workouts and build muscle mass coming into my January workout plan. And guess what, it did! My booty grew over the last 4 weeks in January – praise the muscle memory Gods! – and now that i have the muscle that i’m happy with, i’m ready to drop the extra fat. Let me be clear on something: it’s basically impossible to gain muscle mass during a cut. A cut means you are decreasing calories… the goal is to burn fat and you will not have enough calories to build muscle. Muscle needs calories to grow! Lots of them! When you see people say “feed the gains” or “straight to the booty” when they’re eating high-calorie meals, this is the reason – you need extra calories to build muscle. So during this summer shredding mini-cut process you will start to notice that you are toning up, but that’s because you are dropping fat, which will show your muscle definition that has been hiding under your fat layer, but you are most likely not growing muscle – got it? Okay good! Moving on.

What is a mini-cut?

A mini cut is done for a period of 2-4 weeks to lose fat, bloat, and generally lean out. My method is simply to do this in a maintainable way! I’m not talking starvation diet here, or doing a shit ton of cardio or anything like that. This is not an extreme mini-cut like most body builders or fitness competitors do. My method is to basically take your body to the next level of seeing results. I’ll re-name this as the maintainable summer shredding mini-cut. Basically you want to lose as much body fat as possible in a short period of time before transitioning back to a “bulking” calorie phase. HOWEVER, where my method is different from the traditional fitness pro/body builder method is that i do not return to a “bulking” phase after the cut. I go into maintenance mode instead, summer shredding is my Feb-Oct body (summer time here in Los Angeles). So while you are cutting body fat quickly, the goal of a mini-cut should be to get in and then maintain without having to sacrifice any muscle mass… no one wants to lose the booty gains we’ve worked so hard for, am i right?! Just get me a little leaner please! 🙂


I only recommend doing this if you are already doing a workout regimen! You should NOT be starting with a mini-cut if you are just beginning a workout plan! I would wait 4-6-8 weeks (depending on how quickly your body is changing from your workout plan) before starting a mini-cut and incorporating them. Why do you ask? Because with a mini-cut, you are going to decrease calories! This means you might experience lower energy levels, so if you drastically cut calories at the beginning of a new meal and workout program – you will probably give up and fail because it’s NOT a maintainable way to start a program right off the bat. So if you are just beginning a program, save this page for later and come back when you are ready! 🙂

I.E. I have been back to my workouts for 4 weeks without tracking any calories, just upped my workouts and ate healthy. Now at the 4 week mark, i’m seeing definition in my abs, and i’m now ready to get after losing fat to look leaner.

Happy Shredding Everyone!



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