👉 Louis Testimony- Christian Weight Loss Success 2021

Louis Testimony- Christian Weight Loss Success



Jonathan Conneely, Coach JC is a Life Coach and motivational speaker in tulsa oklahoma. Here is your Creating The Winning Mindset Key of The Day!
Your Lifestyle Transformation Coach, Coach JC developed Tulsa’s #1 Fitness program.
Tulsa Oklahoma’s only Lifestyle Transformation coach.
Coach JC talks about why Bootcamp Tulsa clients are losing weight faster than gym in Tulsa.
Coach JC coaches people to live life to the fullest. He is a coach, author, life coach, motivational speaker and Fitness Bootcamp Innovator.

Win In Fitness.

Bootcamp Tulsa is Tulsa’s #1 Outdoor Fitness Program.
Bootcamp Tulsa is a training program exclusively for women where women have fun, get great results and build lifelong relationships with other women. Bootcamp Tulsa is for people of all ages and all fitness levels. Tulsa women finally have a fitness program that is fun, affordable and produces results.
Over the last three years, bootcamp style workouts have been exploding in popularity across the country. This popularity may be attributed directly to the results achieved through this type of workout. Women are experiencing life-changing results faster than any other method and they are having fun. New Jersey native and now Tulsa transplant, Jonathan Conneely Coach JC, recognized a need in the Tulsa market for a bootcamp style workout. Conneely, the founder of Bootcamp Tulsa, understood that with proper instruction, encouragement and guidance Tulsa women would have the tools and ability to help get Tulsa off the list of one of the fattest cities in America.
Coach JC is committed to raising his family in Tulsa and believes in giving back generously to Tulsa. Bootcamp Tulsa will reinvest in Tulsas economy by contracting with local vendors and partnering with local organizations. Bootcamp Tulsa provides and encourages networking opportunities among clients. Bootcamp Tulsa offers a corporate program for companies. The benefit is two-fold. Employees are presented with healthy lifestyle options and the company has an opportunity to reduce employee health costs. Giving back means Bootcamp Tulsa is committed to significant involvement in our community. Current examples include, Tulsa Parks and Recreation Department, Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce, Tulsa Young Professionals, Tulsa Million Miles and various fundraising and non-profits events and volunteer work.
Bootcamp Tulsa has locations in Jenks, South Tulsa, Owasso, Mid town Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and has the #1 corporate wellness boot camp program in Oklahoma
Bootcamp Tulsa trains Sunset Tan’s very own Erin Tietsort, mayor Kathy Taylor. Tulsa Bootcamp is the best workout in Oklahoma. You will fond out why you do not need a tulsa personal trainer and why personal training in Tulsa can be a waste of your time and your money. If you want to lose weight and get fit try Tulsa Boot Camp for women! Jonathan Conneely is a life coach in tulsa and does life coaching in Tulsa. He has been able to reach a large audience through his motivational speaking in tulsa. As a Tulsa motivational speaker and through his new book, The secret to real weight loss success many lives have been transformed. Coach JC on 918moms.com as he answers the fitness and lifestyle questions of 918 moms.com as the Fitness Expert!
Creator of The Secret To Real Weight Loss Success For CHRISTIANS

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