👉 Why Women Over 40 Struggle to Lose Weight 2021

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Are you have been seemingly been doing all the right things, but you still aren’t seeing the scale budge? There could be reasons other than not being at enough of a calorie deficit.
✔Your body is carrying a lot of inflammation
✔You have poor gut health and your body is storing toxins in fat cells making this fat difficult to lose.
✔You have poor liver health which is slowing down your metabolism
✔You have poor liver and gut health which is causing improper digestion of foods leading to poor nourishment of the body
✔Your hormones are out of balance
✔You are over training or performing the wrong type of exercise for your age
✔You aren’t getting adequate sleep
✔You are producing too much cortisol due to stress
✔You have food sensitivities that are leading to more inflammation
✔You aren’t following daily healthy habits to improve your body’s balance consistently. Your overall body must be in balance for continued weight loss.

My program addresses all of these issues so that you can begin to take back control of your body, so if you need someone to guide you through the process, click on the link in my bio. I make the steps simple to follow so you can start finally seeing results.


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