Would You Like Me To Personally Help You
Attract The Right Customers To Your Business...

For $997  $0?

From The Desk Of Hany Alan

La Jolla, Ca.

March 2021

Dear Friend

If you want to get qualified prospects for your business, no matter What you sell, or how much you charge!

Then This will be the most Important letter you will ever read in your professional life!

Here is Why...

I've been helping Business Owners to double, triple or even Quarrel their Businesses since 2010.

In fact the past year alone, I've generated $69 Million in Revenue, for my self and my private clients

Here is the thing:

This is a Planning section, me and you get for a live call where talk about your business, the challenges you're facing, and at the end I will give you a Step-by-Step Execution Plan, created and customized specifically for your business that will Guarantee you 2x your Business. 

Yes I'm known that's a Big claim there, But Wait for it, I've been doing this for 11 years now, And I'm pretty sure I can give such claims, and the FTC s are Watching!

People have paid $997 for this Planning section,

But for This Week Only, 25-31 January, It's You are getting this Live call with me For $0

Yes it's FREE!

You're Wondering: 

Why I'm I doing this! (What's the Catch!)


Recently I've created a Marketing Agency Called Marina.com, Located at Dubai, and centralized at the UK, and we are about to open in the US (Very soon)!

After we will have the Live call, 2 things and Only 2 can happen:

1- You may think This is cool stuff, I will implement this my self, and the life keeps going!

I would love to be in touch with you in the future, to hear for your journey!

2- You may like the Planning section, and say: "This guy Really know his stuff", and decide to become my client, You will delegate all the work to our agency and experienced stuff, for faster execution and results as well!

Now please I need you to read the next part very carefully

This is Not For Every One!!

NI'm very picky and selective with the people who I work with, so I have a couple of requirements you and your business should fit to:

1) This offer is for Real businesses, established Already !

oh, I don't work with Network Marketing people and "Biz Oppo" Also!

You Must have an already Running business!

2) You must have a good product and good reputation.

By working together we will not make more revenue and profits, but also providing good will in your marketplace.

In other words: You must be legit!

That's all there is!

Here is what to do next!

After clicking the button below you will be taken to a 60s survey (don't worry, you only need to check  boxes and so) and a form at the end.

After I will call you to verify your business activity, and we will continue On!

Talk to you soon...

Your Body Hany!