How This Man Became


of Picking up in Las Vegas

30 Jul 2021

Hey there, I'm not sure how did you come on this letter, but I'm sure that it will change your life as it did to the other 3,309 men all over Los Vegas.

Now please if you live outside of Las Vegas This Letter in NOT for you, 

Why simply because the techniques you are about to learn are Hardcore, Works 99% of the time, means they are highly effective and of course work with the hardest women in the glob, the Las Vegas Women, The Women who have seen everything, tried every trick, and every man! So if you are outside of Las Vegas you won't need them!

I think some of the best advice out there is ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you, Don’t you agree?

And I don’t know about you, but I like it when people are up front with me regarding their intentions.

So if you and we were working together, I’d want you to be up front with me about your intentions ...and because of that, I’m going to be really up front with you about mine.

In this letter, I’m going to show you How I've been able to become the N1 in picking up girls in the hardest Place in the Glob Las Vegas using my little known trick... so when we're done, you'll really Know how The Secret behind The "Hardcore Trick*" That almost no one knows about, And at the end, I’m going to offer you my help.

 I’m not going to be obnoxious or disrespectful about it, but I’m going to do the best I can to show you how valuable it is, and how it will help you shortcut the road as a Fast Track Solution to apply the trick and get the best out of using it!

 So you'll try it.

NOW some people don’t like that, and that’s OK. I understand. If you're one of those people then just go ahead and hang up Now ...or just be sure to leave when I start talking about it.

Now we are good to go, 

Have you ever wondered why some people are good at picking 1 2 or even 3 girls a day, and others fail to do for a woman a month!

The Answer is; Some knows how to pickup girls, others Don't, This is the simplest answer ever, Now If you are not able to pick up at least 1 girl a day! That means you don't know.

And that's okay, I was at your shoes one day (Not Long Ago!)

I was 40 and still single, still trying to talk to a woman in the street, ask for help or anything, I've tried every single program on the earth! Every single coach or picking up 'expert'!

Till one day, a client come to me asking for my help! I'm a Web Designer, I know my job, I've been doing This for a long time, and It's okay, I make a living out of it!

But When I meet that guy, inside his office, I saw a huge  library; really bigg!

And almost  every single book is related somehow to women, relationships and picking up!

Immediately I explained my situation and my poor experience with picking up girls, and I'm about to give up!

He laughed for a while and said all I can help you with is let you take away those books, because The Library City shall be here 2 hours ago! But they've had some stuff to do! And will be here tomorrow!

I've taken all the books! And Start Reading, Book after another! I've read more than 239 Books.

Sounds too good to be true, But here is what I found

The Ultimate Secret To Picking Up Girls Successfully:

There is NO Secret

People keep talking about secrets and 3 simple and easy steps program to pick up this afternoon!

The thing is some people have some beliefs that push them away from picking up successfully, and others have the right beliefs that help them in the picking up process, 

That's all you should know! There is no simple steps to take it, Here is a fact

You Will NEVER Be Successful At Picking Girls

Unless you change your beliefs, Keeps  taking programs and consultations and workshops! And you maybe Get a Girl a week or you you won't!

So to conclude to be successful at picking girls, you have to change your core beliefs!

How to do it!

1st Option: You can read 27 Books (Not more 239, I've selected the most important for you!)

2nd Option: You read a 27 Pages Book!


The PickingUp Core Beleifs 3.0

This is the Third Edition of a InnerCirle Program!

This not the first Time I'm doing Program! This is the Third Time, and not a public stuff! This is an InnerCircle Program, means you must be Selected CAREFULLY! Why

Simply to do not abuse the techniques, and you will see inside the trainings!

Here is how it works

It's not some long-winded text book that describes the A-Z of Wikipedia Stuff in detail.

And it’s simply written, super easy to read. You can do 27 pages in an afternoon, if you like.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll discover in this book:

  • The 2-step strategy for Discovering Limiting believes - this is one of the simplest ideas you’ve ever heard in any course or workshop. You’ll kick yourself when you realize you’re not doing it. You’ll find this on page 5
  • A simple strategy to Remove Limiting Believes that almost every Picking up Expert  Express  gets dead wrong (this eye-opening chapter begins on page 7)
  • Did you know... 80% of Women are actually looking forward to being asked for pickup over and over- no need to ever fear asking your woman 'too often'
  • The simple secret to consistent Picking Up on page 12 that helps make sure you Ask out more women more regularly, without having to maintain the discipline of a Shaolin monk
  • The 3 Big Mistakes Of Picking up - starting from page 24, you’ll discover the 3 biggest and most common things which are costing most men more than they realize, and how to resolve them easily

But this is just the tip of the iceberg… Because you're also getting Access to my $399/month InnerCircle For FREE $0

7 Weeks of live coaching, Me and You On a live Video Call every single week! You can see me, Ask me questions, And I Give you simple exercises and some homework to do!

And My Biggest Gift for you today is a $4998 worth of gifts, 

Yes People have paid $4998 to get the same material you are about to get!

Here’s what todo next

The investment for 'The Picking Up Core Beliefs 3.0’ is $49.00  And it’s a downloadable PDF book with instant access inside your members area, plus all the bonuses and gifts, so there’s no waiting around for a book to be shipped.

This is a unique one time charge– And it’s not for everyone.

When Click The Button  below you will see a 30s survey,  all you have to do is select the correct answer just couple of clicks, and you are done, If you are accepted by the system you will see the page where to enter your details, and if not you will be redirected to a block page, Your IP Address 'My_Ip', Your Browser '' Will be banner! And you won't be able to see this page again!

And If you are saying, okay that stuff is cool, but what if I want my money back,

When people ask me this question, my strait and short answer is the following:

The Picking Up Core Beliefs 3.0, is for committed and serious people Only! Who are looking for enjoying life, and need it really! Not, the kind of Pearson who said I'll think about it!

This is not for that person

If you are someone who is committed to get your dream women, do what ever it takes to get it, then it wouldn't make sense to ask about a refund policy.

We don't offer one because the only reason you wouldn't get the result it is because you didn't apply exercises!


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