This is a Wp Plugin Offers Reviews, that show 5 starts in the search results

How Would You Like To
Dominate Your Local Market
With This Little Know Trick!

From The Desk Of Houssin

Mehdia, KENITRA;

January 2021 

If You are a Local Business Owner, And Still Don't Apply this little  Known Trick, Believe me You are in trouble! (Or Soon Will be)

Now DON'T Get Me Wrong,

 I'm not here to insult your intelligent or Waist Your valuable Time!

This short letter, may reveal to you the number one obstacle that's holding most businesses Back, (And may be For Your Business)!

Did you know that 87% Of clicks on the search results are taken by the results with rating starts!


Click To Expand...

Why According To PsychoToday Magazin and Brain Researcher Dr, Homo Sefy

"This kind of reflex triggers a Psychological reations in the brain of the prospect to click! , becasue it's more likely to satisfy thier needs"

Now Here is why You need to implement the Rating Starts in you Website Immediatly!

In thier Twitter account Google Search Console Updated that they will Start banning Websites with no Rating Reviews from the 1st 2nd and the 3rd Pages of search results, 

Starting from the 1st of March 2021

This is you chance? 

Why becasue vey few people are implementing this Trick to thier websies, and Many people are not folowing the News this wolrd, And Most Likely your Competitors, Why? Becasue It's changing so fast and hard to Stick to..

Now If you're wodering: How Can I get these Start to appears in my website,

Well I've got your back Here is the 3 and Only Possible Solutions :

1) Learn to develop them by your self, You just need to learn how to code, some HTML, JAVA SCRIPT  for couple of months and you're done!

2) Hire a Developer or an agency to do it for you, Now before you do You must know that the cost is quit hight, not for the feature but they will try to upsale you some of thier services, so you end up with couple of grants spend to get the Strats apears!

You choose what option fit you, and go for it,

But if nothing fir you, I've got your back again;


Here is the thing... If you wan't to Apply this Rating Starts feature to your website you can

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