How To Get Approved On Almost Any Job You Applied For, Even If You've Been Rejected  Before!

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My name is Adam, I'm not here to insult your intelligent, or waste your time on reading some BS, I do respect you and your time!

So if want to apply for Tour Dream Job, and Guarantee your self 99.99% Approved, no matter how many times you have tried, Then this will be the most important message you will ever read in tour career!

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I think some of the best advice out there is ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you, Don’t you agree?

And I don’t know about you, but I like it when people are up front with me regarding their intentions.

So if you and we were working together, I’d want you to be up front with me about your intentions ...and because of that, I’m going to be really up front with you about mine.

In this letter, I’m going to show you This "Secret*" That almost no one knows about when we're done, you'll really learn the principle behind it , And at the end, I’m going to offer you my product. I’m not going to be obnoxious or disrespectful about it,
but I’m going to do the best I can to show you how valuable it is, and how it will help you shortcute the road to your Dram Job! So you'll try it.

NOW some people don’t like that, and that’s OK. I understand. If you're one of those people then just go ahead and hang up/leave the page Now ...or just be sure to leave when I start talking about it.

With no more wait let's get straight to it!

This Strategy is based on positioning your self as the expert, building authority before applying for the job! That's it Lesson End!

All Using the Online Media and resources, 

For example have you ever seen someone you considered as an influencer Built his audience about a specific topic! And after a while he disappeared, or stopped creating content,

I would almost Guarantee, he has been applying the method you are about to get.

The System Is Easy As The Following 3 Steps:

Step 1

        Choose an Online Media Channel (Social Media/Blogging/Guest-                   Posts....)

Step 2

       Produce content, and attract the right audience, so you can position            your self as the expert.

Step 3

       Get the Job!

And Here's my Top Tips for you

✅Always choose Social media, Why? - Well because they're much faster in terms of getting results!

✅ Always edit/ reform the content on your way, so to avoid any problems!

✅ It's recommended showing your face in the media you choose!

✅ Always ask for the highest post/positing and highest salary in the job interview!

Here You Have the System...

And if you are wondering it this is worth testing?

Well, I've used this exact system to jump from a job to another!

I've been in 18 different jobs in the last 10 years, till I found my best one, the positing that fit me, and the salary that I wanted, and more, I've helped many of my coworkers to save their carrier even with this system, and some of my friends get into their dream jobs, and all of their attempts were 100% Approved.

Hear what some of them have to say!

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Jane Doe

Banker at Citi Bank

Hopeless Depressed, I was my hall 13 years of service, with a stupid boss, and weird coworkers, I'm now in my office, Never thought I can get into this job, Thanks Hany

John Doe

Marketing and Sales strategists at A&W Holding Group

I've never shared my secret, but here it is, Hany's Formula is my secret, My new job helped me to expand my potential to be a President! I send you Love from Quatar!

Jane Doe

President at OIL SE Mideast


"The Job Application Blueprint"

This is a video training program by me, it's like me and you sitting together, and I'm  showing you over my shoulders teaching you the step by step and easy to follow System.

Here is exactly what I will help you with

👉  Choosing the right social media channel.

                   To get the fastest results (In weeks, instead of what it does usually take )

👉 How to set up and optimize your profile.

                   To get the maximum benefit out of it.

👉What, When and What to post your content.

                   The best type of content specific for your situation, the best timing for you to post it.

👉 How to outsource the content creation task.

            So you have to do nothing more than managing the process.

Yup, I agree - it’s a whole lot of tested & proven Strategies and tactics wizardry… packed into an online training videos.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg…

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Brand-New Book


This 25-Page Book, has all the skills you must have to negotiate your salary, post, ask for a raise and much cool stuff! You will love!

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It doesn’t stop there…

When you enroll today! You will get a live recording of dozens of jobs interviews, Questions ans answers live almost every question could an interviewee think about, and of course with the best answers

Now the serious Stuff


> Laptop or Phone  that has acces to the internet

> Time to spent learning and applying the knoledge you will learn

> Commitment to continue on the system You will get inside the "The Job Application Blueprint"

Here’s what todo next

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