The One and Only Tool You're Missing to Create your Dream Project

From: John Alan 

San Antonio, Texas

Attention Woodworkers!!

If You still didn't create your dream project yet... then 

This will be The Most IMPORTANT Letter you will read in your Woodworking journey

I can't stand more!

Another $3K workshop.

Maybe this is the one, this is the last workshop!

This is the last training, the last course, and maybe this is the last coach I need to pay to get my dream Project real!, and prove my self!

But strange enough, get it done!

This is me!

I kept deluding my self for 7 years, from a training to another, jumping from a workshop in this state, to another in that state!

Looking for the solution outside, But what I've never thought about is looking for the solution inside my garage! The thing that I've had to learn the hard way, 

But you don't have to do the same!

Jhon Alan

Hi, my name is John Alan, and I' from San Antonio, Texas

I've been a woodworker for over 20 years,

Woodworking was my passion from childhood, but till I retired at 40,  I've taken woodworking full time, I've bought all the tools, a lot of courses, but I've never accomplished a single project, I've had dozens if not hundreds of ideas, but unfortunately, these ideas never had chance to became a reality.

Till one day, I still remember it, jut like yesterday, I woke up, and my wife asked me what's your today's plan, I was about to answer, "Another wood baby, just another wood,"  It has been a habit, automatic, but what I couldn't realize that fact in that 7 years, is I wasn't creating anything, waiting money on online programs, and trainings and workshops.

I have made a decision, enough, I have to change

No more tools, no more courses, I have to do it, 5 days later I had my Dream project done

Yes! Seems Weird, and too good to be true

But thanks to this All new strange Little known Tool, That Changed my woodworking journey to the better, and the life of hundreds of other woodworkers and will do the same for you if you stick with me!


The Alpha Bombay

This is nothing you have ever seen, not the Alpha┬▓, not the Alpha 7T2, Although it seems the Alpha 121!

This version was produced by the mother company, AlphaMany, in 1996, they have produced a small quantity, for the test, and after they stopped!


Well, this tools was about to destroy their business, and affect the hall $8.6 billion woodworking industry for ever!

This tool is a combination of 73 tools you need in your day to day woodworking life!

More than that, with this tool you can create project's that contradict and go against the gravity and science rules, Yes I may be over claiming now, but wait for it!

Have a look on this image

Click to zoom

And as you may be asking, how did I get my hands on this tool, 

Here is my straight forward answer, I stole them, YES! I did!

But before you judge me, It was unexpected!

Here is the story!

Remember that day morning, when my wife asked me about my day plan, and It Clicked for me!

I got out immediately! Took my care and drive just drive, I didn't know why I did that, but Now I say it was an intuition, Just driving to the nowhere!

And when I was out of the city, I felt that I have passed on something, I got out of the car, had a look  I found that tool, I 

As you may know, The more you expand the right side of the object the more it will lay, til the 7th mark, 

Well now get this, with the use of this tool, I've been able to expand it till 14th mark,