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Simple Guided Meditations

Decrease stress and increase focus with our simple guided meditation for beginners.

Choose your time below:

2 minutes (guided)

(Best Experienced With Headphones)

4 minutes (guided)

(Best Experienced With Headphones)

6 minutes (guided)

(Best Experienced With Headphones)

8 minutes (guided)

(Best Experienced With Headphones)

10 minutes (guided)

(Best Experienced With Headphones)

Advanced Guided Meditation


Enjoy a general mind-body relaxation meditation. A perfect guide for your daily practice or just to wind down after a long day. Feel a complete sense of relaxation from head to toe.


This meditation will help you achieve deep physical relaxation for your entire body. It is a wonderful meditation for someone looking to relieve stress.


Reduce feelings of anxiety or panic in the moment by calming your breath, mind, and body. Learn how to cope and overcome your anxiety through this guided practice.


Having a hard time falling asleep? Allow your mind to drift slowly into a deep sleep. Unwind after a long day and put your mind to rest using this natural sleep aid.


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Mindfulness is non-judgmental awareness of your present moment experience.

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