• Deliver value before the pitch
  • Know thier Objections
  • as long as I'm not dishonest with the, or insult them(insult your inteligent)

Plorize; Hey this is not for peaople who hate exercices, not for people who wanna sit on a coatch and eat iscream all day, this is not for somone who is looking for an easy button,

if you really you wanna take controle on your health and your fitness you need to be commited to doing what ever it takes to extand your life, have the most energy you can to take the most care of your familly

and enjoy the quality of life you desirve, so if you're not that person, then this is not for you

be Brutal honest, tell them you're going to try to sell them something

Be upfront and cool to them

The more REAL VALUE you give them in advance of asking for the money, the more receptive they are to your close

Know their objections

The Offer Formula

Here's  WHAT I GOT,

Here's what it'll do for you,

Here's how it works 

Here is what to-do next

Here is why you should do it  right now

here is why it's safe and smart (Guarantee or Anti Guarantee) -the best choice-

Optional: Add Bonises/Boosters

Optional: Scarsety